Ryther Annual Fundraising Luncheon

Ryther is very fortunate to have a dedicated board of trustees, whose members each year comb their address books and convince colleagues, family, friends and corporate VPs to come together for a good cause:

Ryther’s annual fundraising luncheon. This year, it’s November 10th at the Grand Hyatt Seattle.

Without our board, we would not be able to present such inspiring keynote speakers as Diane Irvine, Bill Gates Sr., Jim Donald, Blake Nordstrom, Howard Schultz and many other upstanding citizens and business leaders. This year, Ryther Trustee Karl Quackenbush connected with John Stanton, our keynote speaker. A wireless industry pioneer, Stanton co-founded three top 10 wireless operators in the United States in the last 25 years and is presently chairman of Clearwire. The theme for the luncheon is Connect for Kids, with the obvious allusion to Stanton’s wireless industry. But it’s also a very relevant and important aspect to the children and families Ryther serves.

At Ryther, connections are everything.

It’s the earliest connections we have to a caregiver that helps our brains connect the way they should.  Conversely, our brain can be wired to expect the worse if that’s what we’ve experienced daily.

It’s how we connect our thoughts and feelings to our behaviors. It’s how children at Ryther try to connect what they’ve experienced to their sadness or rage and how to deal and work through these emotions. It’s the connection a child here makes to a therapy dog – a warm-blooded animal they can touch and hug and receive affection from in a safe, unconditional way.

It’s the moment a teen in Cottage B realizes that some of his past connections are detrimental to his future success. Positive change happens when parents learn the skills to reconnect with a child they haven’t parented for years or their sullen, distant teen. When a teen that has masked his depression with drugs or alcohol can connect with his own sense of self, new avenues open.

We invite everyone who wants to help foster healthier connections for those who need them most to come together and connect for kids on Thursday, November 10th. Connect with your circle and if you can host a table, bring a guest, please connect with Clay Thompson at Ryther at clayt@ryther.org.