Lee’s Rules: #1

By Lee Grogg
Executive Director

Rule #1; Children are to be protected and cherished. No exceptions.

I am always impressed that I have never heard an adult argue with this rule.  I am also always struck by how many people often break this rule sometimes in the most dismaying ways.  Actually, I have been with Ryther long enough that I should confess that I may be dismayed but I am seldom surprised anymore. We adults seem to have an endless capacity to deceive ourselves regarding how well we have looked after our young.  How many times, for example, have you heard a politician (elected or appointed) pontificate about how ‘the children are our future’ only to turn around and conduct public business as if he/she never heard of or pronounced those words?

One of the unique features of Ryther is its devotion to this concept.  That institutional and cultural devotion moreover has its roots and inspiration in the Ryther League.  I have never met a League Lady who wasn’t the epitome of the pledge to cherish and protect children.  There are very few groups around today supporting Ryther type organizations as large or as successful as the ‘League’.  If you and any number of friends would like to be part of something very special, then check out the Ryther League page. In the meantime, keep protecting and cherishing all children.