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Our Legacy & History

Mama Ryther It was 1885 when Mother “Ollie” Ryther promised to care for her dying neighbor’s four children, and, having found her calling, she then vowed to never turn an orphan away. Fifty years and 3,000 children later Mother Ryther said, “The essential thing is to love the children and understand them.” Today, these sentiments still guide Ryther’s work and have led us to become one of the region’s most enduring nonprofit organizations. As a thought-leader in our field, we evolved beyond the traditional orphanage model and refocused our mission to treat vulnerable children and families using innovative and proven therapeutic techniques.

Today, we serve children and adolescents referred by parents, physicians, state agencies, courts, schools and other providers working with children. We have expanded our services to include programs and solutions for families with children who have challenges stemming from trauma, mental illness, substance abuse, Autism Spectrum Disorders, or adjustment issues with school, peers or parents.

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