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Group of young women sitting and talking in a circle underneath a cherry blossom tree

In response to COVID-19, Ryther has developed several virtual groups to help keep kids busy and regulated during this tough time. Check out our virtual groups here. Ryther’s group solutions utilize effective, evidence-based techniques. Groups are offered in Seattle only at this time. To be eligible for any group, your child, adolescent or young adult must first be seeing a Ryther therapist. We also offer a selection of parent support groups


DBT Group

This program is for teens (13-17) who want to increase skills to manage challenges with impulsivity, interpersonal relationships, regulating emotions as well as suicidal or self-harm behaviors. There are two groups meeting weekly in Seattle for six months. Requires joint involvement in individual weekly therapy. 

Seven Challenges Group

Change is a process, not an event. Designed to meet youth where they’re at in this process, Seven Challenges is a research-based treatment approach for teens with substance-related problems and co-occurring disorders. In this group, we use journals, experiential activities, and discussion to encourage teens to honestly evaluate their life and choices, explore the pros and cons of substance use, develop problem recognition skills, and create effective long-term plans. 


Ryther’s Seven Challenges Group meets weekly on Ryther’s Seattle campus. The group is available to Ryther clients enrolled in co-occurring Substance Use Disorder services. Participants must have completed a Substance Use Disorder assessment prior to attending their first group session, and are encouraged to attend 10 sessions in order to provide time to genuinely explore the process of change. This group is ongoing so participants can join at any time. Please inquire for availability.

Parent Support Group

If you are a parent or caregiver with concerns about parenting a child with unique needs and challenges and want to learn, share information, and support other caregivers, our Caregiver Support Group is for you! We make every effort to offer helpful tools and a validating environment in which to grapple with and explore the challenges and joys of parenting.

We cover weekly topics relating to child development, behavior management, parent self-care, and parenting strategies with a mix of therapist presentation, group discussion, experiential learning, and group sharing. Topics will be determined once the group is formed and with parent input to customize to ages and needs of the families attending.

Parents and caregivers with children enrolled for services at Ryther are welcome. We do offer childcare and space is limited, so please inquire for details and restrictions.

Attachment Support Group

This group for non-biological parents will focus on the impact of trauma on attachment, development, and behavior of children who are being cared for by foster, adoptive, or kinship parents. The curriculum is rooted in evidence-based models, such as the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC).

We will address with caregivers how to:

  •  Attune and respond appropriately to the unique behavioral and emotional challenges of traumatized children

  • Empower themselves to learn strategies for enhancing attachments with children who experience trauma

  • Help themselves and children who have experienced trauma recognize and develop their strengths

  • Help themselves and traumatized children develop effective coping strategies

  • Take care of themselves as caregivers to traumatized children and seek support from others

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