Group of four Ryther therapists standing in front of sign

The Health Home Program at Ryther is for children and young adults (age 0-21) with multiple health conditions who may have complex care needs. The goal of the Health Home program is to improve the quality and coordination of care across systems, increase confidence and self-management of health, decrease the risk of hospitalization, and to provide a single point of contact to bridge systems of care.


Health Home Care Coordinators meet with clients in their home, community, or an office setting depending on the wishes of the individual/family. Care Coordinators provide the following six core services: Comprehensive care management, care coordination and health promotion, comprehensive transitional planning, individual and family support services, health promotion, and referral to community and social support services. These services may look like:

  • Assisting with scheduling medical appointments and finding transportation

  • Collaborating with medical providers, service providers, and family members to coordinate services and manage referrals

  • Attending medical or school meetings with families to provide advocacy and support

  • Transition planning with hospital staff and families after an inpatient stay

  • Providing referrals and assisting with completing applications to community and social support services such as housing assistance programs, DDA, medical specialists, advocates, and school programs 


You may be eligible for this program if you or your child:  

  • Has at least one chronic health condition and be at risk for another (this can include both physical and mental health)

  • Has Apple Health (Medicaid) health insurance

  • Meets a set of health risk requirements set by Health Care Authority


Most eligible individuals are referred by their insurance and contacted directly. Please reach out to your insurance company to inquire if you believe you should be eligible but have never been offered this service.


If you are eligible, the program is covered through Apple Health (Medicaid) with no out of pocket cost.