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Juvenile Justice Assessment Team
Mental Health Assessor


Provide comprehensive and culturally responsive mental health services for children, youth and their families.  Responsible for assisting in the clinical supervision, training and management of the Outpatient Services Department.


  • Using the mental health assessment form, complete a trauma informed, culturally specific mental health assessment for each youth that is referred.

  • Schedule all assessments within 3–5 working days following receipt of the referral. Any cancellations or missed appointments must be rescheduled within 3–5 days of the missed appointment.

  • Within five days following completion of the mental health assessment, or as needed to comply with court requests, create an assessment summary with treatment recommendations following an approved format.

  • As needed in urgent situations, complete mental health assessments on the same day as the referral.

  • Complete at least 75% of all mental health assessments assigned and within in a timely fashion.

  • As requested, provide additional services to referred youth including developing with the youth and their supports an action plan to address their specific needs, identifying and providing linkages to culturally appropriate services within their community to address those needs, supporting the youth through the court process, and assist youth in linking with pro-social activities within their community.

  • Engage and work with cooperatively with the families of referred youth throughout the assessment process.

  • Collaborate and work cooperatively with JJAT staff, juvenile detention staff, Juvenile Court Staff, and other systems involved with the client.

  • Provide documentation as required and within established time lines of all activities to include: treatment notes, demographic data forms, reports and summaries.

  • Maintain case records in accordance with licensing, accreditation and agency requirements.

  • Maintain appropriate personal and professional boundaries with referred youth, their families, co-workers and community partners.

  • Maintain all necessary credentials per agency and licensing requirements.

  • Attend staff meetings as required.

  • Attend quarterly JJAT meetings and other scheduled meetings related to provision of services.

  • Demonstrates a high degree of skill in communication and positive interaction with all Ryther employees, prospective employees, external agencies/companies, referred youth and their families and the community at large.

  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • Commitment to the Purpose, Vision and Values of the agency.

  • Acceptance and ability to work with individuals and families with a variety of lifestyles, behaviors, cultural and spiritual practices with the ability to apply a social justice and equity lens to all aspects of this work.

  • Interest and ability in working with adolescents, particularly those from marginalized groups, with mental health or substance use or co-occurring disorders.

  • Master’s degree required.

  • Certified Children’s Mental Health Specialist

  • Work from the designated JJAT office.

  • Skills in clinical assessment.

  • Knowledge of community resources.

  • Ability and willingness to collaborate with multiple systems, in-house and externally.

  • Ability to exercise discretion and maintain both client and employee confidentiality.

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.

  • Effective organizational skills.

PAY: $65,000

Full and part-time employees at Ryther enjoy a variety of competitive benefits including: 

  • Comprehensive Medical and Dental Coverage (We pay your medical deductible!)

  • Multiple Retirement Plan Options (403b tax deferred)

  • Generous Paid Leave Program (3 weeks paid vacation, 10 accrued sick days, 5 personal days, and paid holidays)

  • Life Insurance Coverage

  • Professional development funds

  • Ryther is a recognized and accredited non-profit (501c3) which qualifies for the federal public student loan forgiveness program

SUPERVISOR: OP Program Manager

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