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WISe Coach


The WISe coach is responsible for the leadership, coaching, and support of the WISe program staff, in addition to providing training, consultation, and supervision to the Facilitator(s) and Peer(s).



Supervision and Training:

  • Responsible for the services provided by the WISe Team(s) and function as WISe Coach.

  • Ensures that high fidelity Wraparound/WISe services are incorporated into services provided to youth, caregivers, and their family teams.

  • Participates in recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of potential employees.

  • Establish, orient, and train all new Facilitators and Peers to general as well as site specific criteria.

  • Provide direct/individual and team coaching related to current and anticipated needs of the team.

  • Provide supervision regarding client/family cases with focus on maintaining the provision of high-fidelity WISe services. Maintain documentation of supervision meetings.

    • Provide structured observation of Child and Family Team meetings and provide feedback for staff during all phases of Wraparound, along with a structured feedback tool/process that is linked to specific skills and competencies within the principles and phases of Wraparound/WISe to further develop staff skills.

    • Review data outcomes, fidelity assessments, and other forms of feedback to inform individual and group supervision.

    • Provide a minimum of three hours per week of supervision to facilitators and family partners, individually and in groups.

  • Collaboratively manages referral process for the WISe program. Provide direction regarding assignment of youth and families to teams of facilitators and family partners

  • With guidance from the WISe Program Manager, analyze and apply data from the QIRT to ensure high fidelity WISe Services.

  • Develop and implement individual professional development plans for WISe staff. Evaluate the performance of WISe staff annually.

    • Complete 85% of all performance appraisals on time.

  • Helps prepare and submit weekly/monthly reports.

  • Assure staff complete all trainings required by contracts and accreditation in a timely fashion and consistent with contract expectations.

WISe Team, Growth and Accountability:

  • Balance reflective and administrative supervision for direct reports.

  • Utilize weekly and monthly census reports to inform supervision.

  • With support from WISe program manager, Implement and monitor procedures as are necessary to effectively meet the annual program performance and productivity goals.

  • Operates the program within budgetary limitations and in accordance with agency policies and procedures.

Agency and Community Relations:

  • Maintain appropriate personal and professional boundaries with clients, families, co-workers, and community resources.

  • Participates in quality management and planning endeavors of the agency as appropriate.

  • Establishes appropriate and effective working relationships with other programs and departments of the agency.

  • Establishes effective and cooperative relationships with community resources as is necessary for the benefit of Ryther and its clients.

  • Assist in developing and sustaining effective partnerships with all King County mental health agencies and with allied systems.

  • Attend Community Resource Team (CRT) meetings on a monthly basis and attend bi-monthly coaches meeting with local WISe specialists.

Documentation, Reporting and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Assure timely and quality clinical documentation for supervisees.

    • 90% of all other required documentation will be completed on time.

  • Assures compliance with all licensing, accreditation and contract standards and requirements applicable to the Program.

  • Participate in fidelity monitoring and program evaluation activities.

  • Assures staff compliance with agency policy and procedures and contractual and accreditation requirements.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in rotating 24-hour crisis back-up for WISe Program.

  • Maintain an awareness of the program’s physical environment and report maintenance and facility safety concerns to appropriate personnel.

  • Demonstrate a high degree of skill in communication and positive interaction with all Ryther employees, prospective employees, external agencies/companies and the community at large.

  • Performs all other duties as assigned.


  • Commitment to the Vision and Purpose of the agency.

  • Acceptance of a variety of lifestyles, behaviors, cultural and spiritual practices.

  • 21 or more years of age.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or related social services.

  • Minimum of five years of experience working with children, youth and families with prior experience in delivery of wraparound services.

  • Previous supervisory experience strongly preferred.

  • Knowledge and understanding of family centered practice principles.

  • Knowledge of community mental health systems, Seattle Public Schools, State Children’s Administration and resources within the Seattle area is highly desirable.

  • Previous experience with an electronic health record preferred.

  • Valid state driver’s license and liability insurance.

  • Ability to exercise discretion and maintain both client and employee confidentiality.

  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.

  • Skilled at verbal de-escalation.

  • Ability to perform a range of physical motions including but not limited to:

    • lifting and carry up to10lbs;

    • standing, walking, sitting for long periods of time;

    • kneeling, squatting and stooping;

    • running for brief periods of time.

  • Ability to use the senses of sight and hearing to effectively supervise clients.

  • Must provide own transportation.

PAY: $65, 200 - $84,800

Full and part-time employees at Ryther enjoy a variety of competitive benefits including: 

  • Comprehensive Medical and Dental Coverage (We pay your medical deductible!)

  • Multiple Retirement Plan Options (403b tax deferred)

  • Generous Paid Leave Program (3 weeks paid vacation, 10 accrued sick days, 5 personal days, and paid holidays)

  • Life Insurance Coverage

  • Professional development funds

  • Ryther is a recognized and accredited non-profit (501c3) which qualifies for the federal public student loan forgiveness program

SUPERVISOR: WISe Program Manager

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