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Bill Burkland, President

Appointed to Ryther's Board of Trustees in August 2019

Since joining Amazon in 2005, Bill Burkland has held several leadership roles in Seattle, Luxembourg, and the UK. Currently, Mr. Burkland is the Director of Alexa in the Americas with responsibilities for the Alexa experience in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the Spanish-speaking experience in the US. Immediately before his current role, Mr. Burkland spent over three years in Europe leading teams responsible for developing and growing Amazon’s B2B business. Before that, Bill held roles in Amazon’s Retail and Kindle organizations. Before joining Amazon, Mr. Burkland worked in a family business (B & J Industrial Supply) which went public in 1997 as Industrial Distribution Group. Mr. Burkland served in operating roles as well as on the Board of Directors of the NYSE-listed public company (IDGR).

Mr. Burkland’s family introduced him to Ryther and his mother, Joan Burkland, has been a part of the Ryther League (McGilvra Unit) since the 1950’s and his sister, Bonnie Berg, has been involved with the Ryther League since the 1980’s. Mr. Burkland is a big believer in Ryther’s vision and mission and has a great deal of admiration for the talented and dedicated people who work and volunteer on behalf of the children and families that Ryther serves.


Mr. Burkland holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington, 1984.

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