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We seek individuals who want to share their skills with Ryther. If you have a special skill or passion, we welcome you to apply; we will match you to one of Ryther's programs if there is a good fit. Volunteers must be over 21 years of age. To apply please fill out this application and send it to


We partner with various companies and explore the many ways businesses can engage in furthering Ryther’s mission. Corporate groups volunteer their time, energy and expertise to improve our campus and make a difference in our children’s lives. If you are interested in volunteering as a corporate group, contact us at


If you would like to propose a volunteer project, please use this form to make the request. 

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If you are interested in establishing a healthy and positive relationship with a child learning to cope with a history of trauma, consider becoming a Canine Volunteer.  To apply please fill out this application and send it to


Note: You must own a certified therapy dog to be a canine volunteer.


If you are looking to make new friends, add meaning to your life, and support children served by Ryther, the Ryther League may for you! There are many ways to volunteer with the Ryther League: Work in the volunteer-run ReStyle for Ryther thrift store or help sort, prepare, and transport donations to the store, located in the Ballard neighborhood. You can also join the Ryther League by starting your own unit or by joining an existing unit. To learn more, click here.

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