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Embark on a learning journey with Ryther, an expert in excellent care to children, youth, young adults, and their families for nearly 140 years. As an aspiring professional eager to make a meaningful impact, imagine yourself not only gaining valuable knowledge but also contributing to a distinctive legacy in the Puget Sound region.


Ryther isn't just a nonprofit provider; it's a dynamic training ground where your passions and purpose align.  Explore our Learning Pathways below and join us in creating a future where your ambitions and the well-being of others intertwine.


Contact Ryther’s Center for Learning and Vocational Development at​



At Ryther, we understand that your learning goals are unique, and that's why our internship program is highly flexible. Our innovative Learning Pathways allow you to develop depth in a specific area while also acquiring essential skills vital to your profession. Imagine not just meeting your degree program requirements but elevating your expertise in a subject that truly captivates you. Don't miss the chance to stand out – apply now and identify what pathways spark your interest below. 

**Applications are currently closed for those seeking clinical/second year master’s degree placements.  We are still accepting applications for associate’s, bachelor’s, and first year/generalist master’s degree students.


The following Learning Pathways will become available soon.  Please check back in the following weeks for further information.

Disordered Eating - Outpatient

Integrated Behavioral Health

Learning Pathways


All interns at Ryther receive basic introductory training in Motivational Interview, behavior management, trauma-informed care, crisis de-escalation, record keeping and clinical writing, workplace expectations, ethical decision-making, case management, and more.


Additional trainings are provided based on each intern’s degree program and learning pathway.


All interns meet regularly with their direct supervisor. Additionally, group supervision is available to all interns. Group supervision allows for collaborative learning and discussing prominent issues in our work.


All interns will be expected to attend their respective team/department’s weekly team meetings. Depending on the program/department where the intern is working, they can attend regularly scheduled interdisciplinary case consults (“grand rounds”).



Ryther seeks interns at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s level. We currently only accept interns enrolled in a relevant educational degree program. The required qualifications vary for each Learning Pathway. Click on each Learning Pathway to review eligibility requirements.


Each placement has different requirements based on the intern's learning pathway and degree level. Each Learning Pathway has different days/times the intern is required to be present. Please review each individual learning pathway below for specific requirements for that pathway.


Additionally, interns carrying an individual client caseload will be required to work portions of their school breaks to ensure client care.


As the needs of the organization and the clients we serve can shift in unpredictable ways, interns may occasionally be asked to complete tasks outside of their Learning Pathway to ensure they fulfill their school’s required hours and tasks.

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