Man sitting in a circle talking to four boys

Ryther provides a range of individual, group, summer and young adult support services for autistic and neurodivergent youth. We also provide trainings for parents, caregivers, providers and allies, as well as community events.  Read below to find services or click here to sign up for email newsletter updates.


Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA )

Our center-based ABA program uses evidence-based strategies to work on language, communication, emotional regulation, social skills, and behavior management. Learn more here.

Aspiring Youth

Aspiring Youth helps children, youth, and young adults (ages 8-18) as they navigate their social world. Some of our students are shy or quirky. Many have a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, learning disabilities or similar traits. Through our after-school social groups and summer camps, our facilitators help students build confidence, develop skills, and connect to the community.  Registration and additional information can be found here.

Delphi Young Adults

Delphi Young Adults focuses on supporting young adults (ages 18-24) from the Neurodiverse community in obtaining and sustaining careers. Through vocational and educational exploration, our program offers the opportunity to examine a variety of paths to sustainable employment. We host year-round programming with fun and engaging summer programs. Find out more here.