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Support for Neurodivergent Youth.

Ryther's Neurodiverse Services serves children and youth who need extra support to make connections with others and navigate their social worlds. Our programs use movement games, STEM projects, art activities, and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons to create community while providing support for learning and developing social skills, group decision-making, and relationship building.

While no diagnosis is required for our program, our participants often have diagnoses of Autism, ADHD, developmental delays, and social anxiety.



Ryther’s Neurodiverse Services provides a range of individual, group, summer, and young adult support services for autistic and neurodivergent youth between the ages of 8-26 through our three programs: Aspiring Youth, Delphi Young Adults, and Seattle Creator Studio. We also provide trainings for parents, caregivers, providers and allies, as well as community events.



  • All new participants are required to attend an initial enrollment meeting with their caregivers to determine if our program meets their support needs and, if so, which groups and camps would be the best fit.

  • Once program fit has been established, you will be sent an invitation to register.

  • Limited need-based scholarships are available.

  • For more information, call 206.517.0241 or email


Aspiring Youth helps children and youth as they navigate their social world. Some of our students are shy or quirky and have a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, learning disabilities or similar traits. Our after-school social groups and summer camps help students build confidence, develop skills, and connect to the community. For ages 8 to 18.


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Delphi Young Adults focuses on supporting young adults in building connections through social-skills groups and obtaining careers. Through vocational and educational exploration, our program offers the opportunity to examine a variety of paths to sustainable employment. For ages 18 to 26.

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Our expert teachers provide robust technical skill instruction and guide teens in effective communication, personal awareness, flexibility and leadership. SCS’s vision is to help teens with diverse learning styles make transferable Creative Arts and STEM skills through hands-on experiences. For ages 13 to 17.


Learn More Here.

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We hold events throughout the year to support Neurodivergent Youth:

  • NeurodiverseNW: this event is a chance to celebrate and build new energy for the neurodiverse community. This event brings together parents, educators and providers to bring forth inclusion and awareness for neurodivergent youth.

  • NeurodiverseNW Summer Fest: is a fun way for youth, young adults, parents, or providers to connect in the community. This event is an opportunity to share information and to provide support.

  • Speaker Events: Ryther holds speaker and training events for parents, providers, or anyone who may be interested in advocating for neurodivergent youth. Therapists and educators provide key insights as well as how skills can be implemented.

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