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Substance Use Therapist riding a bike in front of Ryther sign

Ryther’s Transitional Community Treatment (TCT) program was created specifically to help youth experiencing houselessness.  We partner with peer organizations that serve youth but which do not focus on mental health services themselves.  These partnerships typically involve Ryther therapists providing services within our partner’s facilities, in order to eliminate the need for clients to travel to a second site. 


Our team provides services in over a dozen locations, including drop-in centers and residential facilities.  In addition, Ryther provides mobile clinicians who are tasked with serving clients throughout King County. This includes hospitals, homes, community centers, drop-in centers, or any other space where we encounter youth in need. At these sites, Ryther staff (including therapists, clinical social workers, a Psychiatric ARNP) provide prevention services and psycho-education, connecting these young adults to the services they need and, when appropriate, enrolling them in long-term services.  Ryther’s staff utilizes a strength-based approach to engage the youth, informing them of the options available to them so that they can lead the decision-making and planning of their treatment.  Staff work diligently with each youth to create paths to success.

The overall goal of Ryther’s programs is to minimize the impact that behavioral and mental health challenges have upon our clients.   Most of the services needed by these youth are available and funded, but the greatest challenge is connecting them with the right providers at the right time.  Through an exceptional staff, we successfully connect these youth to the services they need, greatly increasing their potential to improve their own outcomes. 


Juvenile Detention Center

Ryther clinicians, working within the King County juvenile detention center, provide a variety of services to youth who are currently held in the detention center. Bringing a lens of trauma recovery and equity, the Ryther staff will provide assessments, individual therapy, crisis intervention, group therapy, family support as appropriate, community reintegration planning, consulting with health clinic staff and training for juvenile detention staff.  Learn more here.

Juvenile Justice Assessment Team

Working with King County Juvenile Detention Center to provide behavioral health to the youth that are in detention awaiting disposition of their case.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) helps youth and young adults overcome their substance use disorder.  This work is in partnership with other agencies that provide housing support, education support, and primary medical care while we provide psychiatry, SUD counseling, and case management. 

New Journeys

The New Journeys program is focused on providing critically needed comprehensive treatment to individuals who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis. Treatment services are provided through a team of mental health staff focused on assisting clients with identifying their personal goals and needs for recovery that will allow them to return to functioning well at their job, school, home, and other areas of life. Learn more here.

Stepping Stones

Ryther’s Transitional Youth Services (TYS) created the Stepping Stones program to help youth and young adults experiencing houselessness and/or unstably housed and have also been diagnosed with Intellectual or Development Disabilities. Participants will collaborate with our staff, focusing on working towards a pathway to stability. Goals may include, but are not limited to, getting into stable housing, connecting with healthcare providers or a peer partner, or linking with long-term benefits.

Transitional Youth Services

Transitional Youth Services (TYS) brings mental health services to vulnerable and at-risk youth and young adults experiencing houselessness by placing Ryther clinicians on-site at drop-in and transitional housing centers.

Youth Support Services

Youth Support Services (YSS) provides substance abuse specialists to local agencies through partnerships to meet the needs of at-risk teens and young adults.

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