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Bill Burkland.png

Appointed in August 2019

Since joining Amazon in 2005, Bill Burkland has held several leadership roles in Seattle, Luxembourg, and the UK. Currently, Mr. Burkland is the Director of Alexa in the Americas with responsibilities for the Alexa experience in Canada, Mexica, Brazil, and the Spanish-speaking experience in the US. Immediately prior to his current role, Mr. Burkland spent over three years in Europe leading teams responsible for developing and growing Amazon’s B2B business. Prior to that, Bill held roles in Amazon’s Retail and Kindle organizations. Before joining Amazon, Mr. Burkland worked in a family business (B & J Industrial Supply) which went public in 1997 as Industrial Distribution Group. Mr. Burkland served in operating roles as well as on the Board of Directors of the NYSE listed public company (IDGR).

Mr. Burkland’s family introduced him to Ryther and his mother, Joan Burkland, has been a part of the Ryther League (McGilvra Unit) since the 1950’s and his sister, Bonnie Berg, has been involved with the Ryther League since the 1980’s. Mr. Burkland is a big believer in Ryther’s vision and mission and has a great deal of admiration for the talented and dedicated people who work and volunteer on behalf of the children and families that Ryther serves.


Mr. Burkland holds a BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington, 1984.

Karl Quackenbush.png

Appointed in March 2004

Mr. Quackenbush has a special interest in helping troubled kids and seeing the mission of Ryther fulfilled.


Mr. Quackenbush is on a panel of arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association and is a Rule 39.1 mediator in the U.S. District Court.


As a member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Quackenbush brings with him an individual capacity to impact leadership, advocacy, and policy development for Ryther by providing advice to the Board and staff as needed. He also is interested in helping to raise funds to ensure the programs of Ryther continue.

Eric Tanaka.png

Appointed in April 2003

Eric M. Tanaka, Director, Financial Reserves Management with Wellington Management Company, LLP, and was interested in becoming involved with an organization that works with children.  After seeing the commitment of the staff to the children and to the success of Ryther while on a tour of the facility, Mr. Tanaka decided that Ryther is a program he wanted to be associated with. 

Other community and state organizations that Mr. Tanaka belongs to are Washington Society Certified Public Accountants and the CFA Institute. 

As a member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Tanaka brings with him an individual capacity to impact leadership, advocacy, and policy development for Ryther with his background in finance. His knowledge will help Ryther maintain sound fiscal practices. 

Interests and Strengths that Mr. Tanaka brings to the Ryther Board of Trustees: 

  • Financial markets and the evolving standards in accounting practices 

  • Contributing to an organization that has impact in our community 

  • Coaching/mentoring the next generation of leaders 

  • Business acumen supported by industry experience and CPA/CFA 


Appointed in April 2018

Ms. Rost is a Director at Blackrock Alternative Advisors where she is responsible for sourcing, performing due diligence on and monitors new and existing alternative investments on behalf of Blackrock’s clients.

Philanthropy has always been important to Ms. Rost who first heard about Ryther in early 2018 while helping plan an event to benefit the agency.  Ryther is also in the community in where Ms. Rost grew up.

Ms. Rost is on the Tyee Sports Council for the UW Athletic Department and is a CFA charter holder and a member of the Seattle Yacht Club and Sand Point Country Club.

Ms. Rost graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

Ms. Rost has worked for Quellos/BlackRock since 2006 in different roles, first as a fund accountant and then as an investment analyst; Ms. Rost brings financial experience that can benefit Ryther.

Coleen Spratt.png

Appointed in September 2006

Ms. Spratt has an interest in helping to support an agency that focuses on the needs of children and families in need of assistance in our community.


Ms. Spratt is the Owner/CEO of Spratt Asset Advisory Service where she represents real estate owners to add value to their commercial real estate assets. She brings both decision making and operations planning experience to Ryther’s Board. As a member of BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association), she has been involved in fund raising and community development. She was influenced to join the Board by our Mission and reputation as well as the match to her own personal goals and values.

Kim Kaiser.png

Appointed in September 2014

Mr. Kaiser is a retired executive from Motorola Solutions, Inc.  After a 34-year career of strategic sales, sales management, and consulting roles he joined the Ryther Board of Trustees in 2014.

Mr. Kaiser’s market experience is with federal, state, and local government customers where Mr. Kaiser provided Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and public safety users with wireless voice and data communications equipment.

Mr. Kaiser brings executive leadership, including team building, motivation and employee hiring and retention and works with complex contract negotiations.  Mr. Kaiser identifies problems and works to find a resolution and communicates with stakeholders, donors, peers, and staff.

Ali Alhadeff.png

Appointed in November 2023

Ali Alhadeff was born and raised in Seattle and has endeavored in her life to balance a worldview that supports self-reflection and community engagement. As a young adult, Ali earned her bachelor’s in social work and worked at Ryther as a behavioral healthcare specialist in one of their residential cottages. The two years she spent there were formative in her worldview and dedication towards social change and engagement.

After Ryther, Ali went back to the University of Washington to obtain her master’s in social work with a concentration in mental health. She used the skills there to support her in the following seven years she spent at Lake Washington Girl’s Middle School in the student services department. The work she did supporting students and families through challenging moments all while developing and employing a school-wide curriculum to support identity development, emotional intelligence, and sexuality education was deeply rewarding. She engaged in several trainings with the Center for Equity and Inclusion to hone her skills of facilitation and to continue to develop her eye and activism towards social justice through their Reframing Racism training.

After leaving LWGMS, Ali spent time traveling and going back to school to obtain a certificate in sexuality education at Antioch University. To increase positive health outcomes and work towards a more just and open society, Ali and her business partner co-founded Wellness Integrated Sexuality Education (WISE). WISE facilitates comprehensive, inclusive, and intersectional sexuality education for people of all ages.

Ali works to balance holding space for where individuals are while pushing them to think critically about how they learned what they did and where they want to go next in their journey of growing and becoming. Intentionality plays a significant role in how Ali builds relationships, curriculum, and engages in the work of expanding the conversation around sexuality on individual and systemic levels.

Kashi Arora.png

Appointed in April 2023

Kashi works at Seattle Children’s on mental and behavioral health focused external affairs including local, state, and federal policy advocacy, assessing the health needs of children in the Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho region, and developing the improvement strategy for pediatric mental and behavioral health. She also supports the organization’s mental health initiative to reimagine pediatric mental health care so that all children, teens, and families can live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible. She represents Washington State's Child and Youth Behavioral Health Workgroup on the Crisis Response Improvement Strategy Committee (CRIS Committee) to reimagine Washington State’s crisis system in the context of implementing the 988-suicide prevention hotline.


Prior to working in external affairs, Kashi worked on the inpatient Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) at Seattle Children’s as well as on the Emergency Department Mental Health Team supporting kids and families experiencing a mental health crisis.


Kashi was born and raised in Washington State. She has a bachelor’s in psychology from Occidental College in Los Angeles and a Master of Public Health from the University of Washington.

Brian Buckley.png

Appointed in November 2023

Brian currently is a Litigation Partner at Fenwick & West and is a UW Law School graduate who has practiced law in Seattle for almost 30 years and been involved with many pro bono and non-profit causes, mostly focused on the rights and interests of women, children, the poor, and the LQBTQ+ community.  Brian was on the Board of Wellspring Family Services for 14 years, including two years as its Chair during its $20M capital campaign to build its new headquarters.  He is currently a Board member with the Campaign for Equal Justice, a former Board member with Legal Voice, a former Board member with Westside School, and a former Board committee member with United Way of King County. 


In 2013, Brian received the Washington State Bar Association’s Annual Pro Bono Award for his significant contributions to the legal profession, the justice system, and the public interest.  Brian was drawn to Ryther based on its commitment to kids and his conviction that building strong a community means starting with our youngest and most vulnerable.

Augusta Butlin.png

Appointed in October 2022

Augusta Butlin (she/her) has been at Valve Corporation for over 16 years and currently works in Business Development. Prior to that, she focused on Commercial and Educational Licensing.

Ms. Butlin brings many skills to Ryther’s Board of Trustees including leadership in long-term opportunity planning, marketing, community outreach and consulting as well as product development.

Ms. Butlin previously volunteered with “For All”, a non-profit based in Seattle, focused on community outreach and support by diverting waste of viable food to communities in need. She has volunteered for political campaigns as a constituent outreach and organized letter writer.


Appointed in June 2023

Colleen joined the Ryther League’s Calico Unit and Ryther League Board in 2000 and has been an active League member for 23 years. In addition to serving the League, Colleen serves as the League Vice-Chair for 2023-2024 on the Ryther Board of Trustees.

Colleen has played many roles within the League and was instrumental in the remodel setting up of the ReStyle for Ryther store.  She has also been a Best Buddy to many Ryther children and is still in contact with two of them (one for 17 years and the other for 10).

Colleen is interested in helping children by listening to them, becoming a mentor, and giving support. She has been a Master Gardener for the past seven years and loves reading, gardening, and traveling.

Sabrina Friend.png

Appointed in June 2006

Sabrina Friend has been volunteering with Ryther since 1987. A tireless volunteer, she has been awarded the Washington State PTSA’s highest award, The Golden Acorn and Ryther’s Ollie Award. She is now retired from her various careers as a computer scientist, college instructor, professional organizer, and most importantly, a mom to two daughters.

Ms. Friend is an active member of the Moonlighting unit. She graduated from the State University of New York, College at Purchase with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

We are reminded that with love and guidance all children can grow to flourish as adults. When a child lacks parents who can cope, as a society we need to step in and act as surrogates to help all children. In a community of love, such as Ryther, children can learn to trust adults, sometimes for the very first time, and ultimately to trust themselves and to be trustworthy. As we nurture and teach our children to thrive in the world, we are grateful that all children have this chance regardless of their start.

Grace O'Loan.png

Appointed in August 2020

Grace O’Loan is an HR consultant and has been an active Ryther League member for five years, and three years on the Ryther League Board.

With an HR background, she can explore the broader needs to help an organization look for and question what is not only right for the organization but also for each individual and client in a holistic way to lead us to long term success.

Ms. O’Loan deeply believes that children will only be able to reach their full potential if they are given the tools to overcome their struggles. Ryther, in Ms. O’Loan’ s eyes, helps to find the best way forward for each child and meets them where they are to help them along the journey to their individual form of success.

Ravi Ramasamy.png

Appointed in February 2021

Dr. Ramasamy, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington school of Medicine, joined Ryther’s Board of Trustees in February 2021.  He is the medical director of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and an attending physician who is board certified in both General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


  • University of Cincinnati, MD, Cincinnati, OH, 2013

  • University of Dayton, BS in Pre Medicine, Dayton, OH, 2008

Postgraduate Training:

  • MD Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL, 2016-2018

  • MD Residency in General Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, SUNY Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook, NY, 2013-2016

Sharon Setzler.png

Appointed in June 2023

Sharon Setzler joined the Ryther League (Noel Unit) in 1995 after touring Ryther’s campus and learning about the agency from a few friends. Prior to joining the Ryther League, Sharon was active with the Children’s Hospital Guild as well as the Paul Pigott Guild. After retiring, Sharon became heavily involved in Noel Unit and Ryther League.

Sharon stepped up to chair the Ryther League from 2012-2015 and during that time Sharon worked with the ReStyle Shop, redecorating, and renaming the thrift store ReStyle Shop. Previously ReStyle brought in around $32,000 annually and are now seeing $100,000 annually. This is due to the wonderful volunteers and spreading the word about the thrift store.

Sharon has again taken over chairing the League for this coming fiscal year (2023-2024) and is still very active in the Noel Unit and in fundraising for that unit. Sharon loves Ryther so much and what the agency does for children.

Catherine Stanford.png

Appointed in January 2020

Ms. Stanford was introduced to Ryther as a board member on BOMA and is fully aware of the amazing and critical work that Ryther does for children.

Ms. Stanford specializes in real estate and assists clients in government and public affairs.  Her clients include municipalities, developers, non-profit community groups and industry associations.  Catherine’s career spans 38 years in commercial real estate and includes work in both the public and private sector.  She has skills and experience in asset management, property development, rehabilitation and acquisition, corporate real estate, business development, public and government affairs, and urban and community-based land use planning.

Nicky Tannion.png

Appointed in January 2020

Nicky is a loss, trauma, and grief guide, a teacher, and writer/storyteller. She is an empathetic listener and creative problem solver. As a community connector, Nicky has a broad corporate and non-corporate network within the local and national LGBTQI+ community.


Areas of Expertise: Grief and Trauma

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Level Teaching and Professional Coaching and Mentoring

  • Integrated/Holistic Healing and Meditation Teacher


She states, “Ryther is the organization I wish was available to me as a child and teen growing up in Australia. Understanding first-hand the ongoing challenges of children with high ACEs scores, my commitment is to be the best advocate possible for the children, teens, and families Ryther serves.”

Patti Varley.png

Appointed in June 2018

Ms. Varley is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who retired after 40 years at Seattle Children's Hospital. She joined Ryther’s Board to honor her departed Aunt Barbara Kilborn who was active with Ryther for many years and when invited to join by her daughter, Paige Otero, Patti could not resist an opportunity to serve.

Ms. Varley has been very active in many organizations and committees past and present, serving as an officer, Board member, general member and was on planning committees.  These organizations and committees include ARNPs United, AAPPN, APNA, WSNA, Sigma Theta Tau, Seattle Children’s Home, Washington State Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Washington State Drug Utilization and Education Council, and HIT Committee for Scouts of America . She also is clinical faculty in the school of nursing for UW, and on the editorial review board for JCAP.

Ms. Varley brings a wealth of knowledge to Ryther with her experience with all her organizations and committees listed above, but Ms. Varley has  also been active politically in Olympia for health care, especially mental health issues for children.

Leonard Weber.png

Appointed in September 2019

Leonard Weber’s strong personal commitment to clients and to maintaining highly disciplined wealth management strategies are the core of his process – one that continues serving those who’ve been with him for decades and is comprised mostly of referrals.

Using research from Merrill Lynch and external sources, Mr. Weber creates asset allocation models across classes, industries, and borders – favoring a blend of ETFs, equities and bonds that reflects a client’s risk tolerance and liquidity needs. He also develops dividend income streams and uses cash as an investment to help clients move toward defined goals. With more than 32 years of client-centric wealth management experience, Leonard feels privileged to align strategies for clients’ investments and retirement planning with liability management and estate planning strategies.

A proponent of preparation, Leonard played football at Washington State University and continued his education at Seattle University with a B.A in Political Science.  Mr. Weber holds the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor SM (CRPC®) designation, as well as the Certified Portfolio Manager (CPM®) designation awarded by The Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers from Columbia University. CPM® is a registered service mark of the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers. Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (SM) and CRPC® are registered service marks of the College for Financial Planning.

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