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Co-Occurring Intensive Outpatient (COD IOP)
Is your teen struggling with substance use and emotional challenges?

Ryther’s co-occurring intensive outpatient program uses our challenge course and other experiential methods to aid in skill building for adolescents with substance use disorders and mental health issues. This groups combines motivational interviewing techniques, harm reduction strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy to build connection and community among youth and their families. Goals for this program include building on the child and family’s resilience to decrease substance use and mental health symptoms.



  • The COD IOP program (SUD level 2.1) is a voluntary program for youth ages 13-18 with a history of mental health concerns and/or substance use

  • The COD IOP program takes place every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3-6pm at Ryther’s Lake City Campus.

  • Youth must be able to commit to attending 9 hours of therapy per week and attend sessions sober.

  • Youth must be able to participate in a range of physical activities including walking, climbing, running as well as sitting for 1.5 hours at a time.

The length of time a client is enrolled in the group varies from 6-12 weeks depending on treatment plan, symptom severity and improvement being made. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the parent support group in tandem with their child’s IOP treatment. Psychiatry is available on an as needed basis.

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