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DJ Wilson

Appointed to Ryther's Board of Trustees in February 2024

DJ Wilson has a long professional history with Ryther.  He was a consultant to Ryther under both Lee Grogg and Karen Brady. In this capacity, he and his team helped Ryther with strategy, government relations, marketing, and business development.

His professional consulting experience includes working with several child welfare organizations including Childhaven, YMCA, and the re-establishment of the Washington Association for Children and Families.  Additionally, he has been a consultant to several government and healthcare organizations.

He and his wife, Karianna, have owned several small businesses. They currently lead a coaching clinic business helping coaches at the high school and college levels learn their craft. His business has a particular focus on developing coaches’ skills to support mental health, leadership, culture, and softer skills beyond their sport.

DJ and Karianna have three children, all still at home, but soon to be on their way to college.

DJ’s long history with Ryther, knowledge of the behavioral healthcare industry, and small business owner experience suit him well to be a member of the Ryther Board of Trustees.

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