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Eric Tanaka, Vice President

Appointed to Ryther's Board of Trustees in April 2003

Eric M. Tanaka, Director of Financial Reserves Management with Wellington Management Company, LLP, and was interested in becoming involved with an organization that works with children.  After seeing the commitment of the staff to the children and to the success of Ryther while on a tour of the facility, Mr. Tanaka decided that Ryther is a program he wanted to be associated with. 

Other community and state organizations that Mr. Tanaka belongs to are Washington Society Certified Public Accountants and the CFA Institute. 

As a member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Tanaka brings with him an individual capacity to impact leadership, advocacy, and policy development for Ryther with his background in finance. His knowledge will help Ryther maintain sound fiscal practices. 

Interests and Strengths that Mr. Tanaka brings to the Ryther Board of Trustees: 

  • Financial markets and the evolving standards in accounting practices 

  • Contributing to an organization that has impact in our community 

  • Coaching/mentoring the next generation of leaders 

  • Business acumen supported by industry experience and CPA/CFA 

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