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Kaci Aitchison Boyle

Appointed to Ryther's Board of Trustees in February 2024

Kaci is a self-described communications nerd, and though some (all) might say it started when she never stopped talking as a child, SHE believes it started when she took her first comms class at the University of Washington and discovered a passion for finding authentic and creative ways to help people and their stories find their audience. After graduating from UW with a BA in communications and political science, she vowed to build a career around finding opportunities that allowed her to do that kind of work. That led to two decades in local broadcasting; the first ten years in radio as an on-air personality, and the latter ten as a features reporter and morning anchor on local TV. Both experiences required the honing of her interview skills with people of all different kinds of backgrounds, as well as the ability to craft both long-form and short-form/live stories.

Along the way, she incorrectly believed herself to be funny enough to try out for a local improv comedy troupe. Though that first audition failed, she knew she would wear them down eventually, and joined the main cast of Jet City Improv in 2004 (where she met her now-husband and performed for 7-ish years). She also found herself wildly surprised when Valve hired her in 2013 to interview players and fans at an annual event for a game (Dota 2) that she had never heard of. (When asked "Should I do a bunch of research before working this event for the first time?" Valve replied, "Nah." So that improv training came in handy.)

Kaci joined Valve full-time in October of 2019, and though the company does not give titles to any of its employees, a coworker once suggested "grand poobah of communications" as a joke and to be honest it just kind of sounds cool. She lives in Kirkland with her funny husband and their 6 and 3 year-old daughters.

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