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Nicky Tannion, PhD

Appointed to Ryther's Board of Trustees in April 2023

Nicky is a loss, trauma, and grief guide, a teacher, and writer/storyteller. She is an empathetic listener and creative problem solver. As a community connector, Nicky has a broad corporate and non-corporate network within the local and national LGBTQI+ community.


Areas of Expertise: Grief and Trauma

  • Graduate and Undergraduate Level Teaching and Professional Coaching and Mentoring

  • Integrated/Holistic Healing and Meditation Teacher


She states, “Ryther is the organization I wish was available to me as a child and teen growing up in Australia. Understanding first-hand the ongoing challenges of children with high ACEs scores, my commitment is to be the best advocate possible for the children, teens, and families Ryther serves.”

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