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Ryther offers several virtual and in person groups to supplement our client's therapy services. Groups are an excellent way for youth to put the skills they have learned in therapy into practice and for parents to receive support from other parents in similar situations.

To sign up for a group, please fill out the form below. These groups are open to Ryther clients and will be billed to client insurance unless not covered. For clients without insurance, out of pocket cost is $75/session. Co-pay may apply. Interested in signing up for a group but not a current Ryther client? Get started here.


Attachment Support Group
This Group Meets Virtually

In progress, join anytime!

Mondays, 5:30 - 7:00 PM 

This group aims to provide community and support for non-biological caregivers. Kinship care, foster care, adoptive parents, and otherwise support each other and learn skills to manage difficult behaviors in the youth they care for.

Chill and Spill Art Therapy Group
This Group Meets In-Person

Thursdays, 4:30 - 6:00 PM 

Ages 11-17

This is an art group that meets weekly designed to help pre-teens and teens build insight into their mental health issues and work toward mental wellness. Each week we will work on a different art project with a prompt aimed at better understanding out own mental well being.

DBT Group
This Group Meets In-Person

Ongoing, join anytime!

Thursdays, 5:00 - 6:30 PM 

This group requires a referral from your individual therapist. This group is for teens and focuses on developing emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal skills for youth experiencing depression and difficult relationships. Please speak to your individual therapist if you feel this group is right for you. 

Parent Support Group
This Group Meets Virtually

In progress, join anytime!

Wednesdays, 5:00 - 6:30 PM 

This group aims at helping parents build skills to manage difficult situations with their children as well as a place to find support and input from other parents in the Ryther community.

Peaceful Alternatives to Tough Situations (PATTS)
This Group Meets In-Person Starting Mid-February 2023

Thursdays, 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Ages 8-11  (we currently can only accept Medicaid clients or clients willing to pay out of pocket ($75 per group) for this group) 

This group helps younger children build basic coping skills to increase emotion regulation and decrease behavioral issues. Each week therapists provide psychoeducation and have youth practice a new skill while enjoying an activity. 

Seven Challenges
This Group Meets Virtually

In progress, join anytime!

Wednesdays, 4:00 - 5:30 PM

Ages: 13-18 years old

Seven Challenges utilizes peer support, education, and journaling to help youth make thoughtful decisions about the role substance use plays in their lives. Youth are encouraged to build critical thinking skills, identify values, and explore what motivates them to use or not use.

To sign up for a group, fill out the form below and the group leader will contact you with instructions on how to access the virtual group. Please use the client’s name for youth groups and the parent/caregiver’s name for adult groups. If you are not a Ryther client, please fill out this form first.

Choose the group(s) you'd like to sign up for:

Thank you for signing up for an outpatient group!


Peer services are currently available to clients with a Medicaid benefit as their primary insurance. The peer role is to support youth or parent needs and goals by providing a strength-based approach to empower clients to improve their lives and gain tools to maintain or improve emotional wellness. Peer partners have lived experience and have dealt with barriers to mental wellness in their past which allows them to understand the youth and/or parents perspective in a different way than a therapist might.  Peers can assist clients in tasks they may struggle in, participate in activities that are soothing/interesting to them, help reach goals that the client might have for themselves, or even just being someone in their corner that they feel comfortable venting to when times get rough! Peers can meet in person or virtually.


Thank you for signing up for Peer Services!

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