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A Big Step Forward: Ryther's Triumph in Securing Approval for 3 New Residential Treatment Programs

In an important step forward, Ryther, a dedicated pediatric behavioral health organization, is thrilled to announce the long-awaited approval of building plans by the Department of Health (DOH) for three new residential treatment programs. Referred affectionately as "The Cottages," these buildings are poised to become therapeutic rich environments for children in Washington grappling with eating disorders, severe behavioral health needs, and anxiety disorders. After an arduous three-year journey, Ryther is now one giant step closer to realizing its mission of providing comprehensive and compassionate care to those who need it most.

Ryther’s residential Treatment programs will top off the most intensive end of the continuum of care at Ryther. Children can step down from this program into less intensive services such as partial hospitalization programs where they come multiple times a week or further down into general outpatient care where they see their therapist once a week. The ability for children to move up and down the continuum as they heal and their needs change at the same familiar organization is invaluable.


The Journey: The path to approval has been a challenging and often frustrating one for Ryther. Navigating the intricacies of licensing and building code approval demanded securing architectural expertise in residential treatment facility requirements.

Celebrating the Triumph:

The green light from the Department of Health marks a significant victory not only for Ryther but for the community it serves. The approval of the building plans represents a triumph of persistence, commitment, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children facing complex mental health challenges.

The Cottages: A Beacon of Hope:

Ryther's new cottages are more than just buildings; they are places of change and recovery for children in need. Each cottage is meticulously designed to create a supportive and nurturing environment where residents can embark on their journey to healing and recovery. The tailored programs for eating disorders, severe behavioral health needs, and anxiety reflect Ryther's dedication to addressing the diverse and nuanced needs of the community.

Impact on Washington's Youth:

With the approval of these residential treatment programs, Ryther is poised to make a lasting impact on the mental health landscape of Washington. The organization's expanded capacity means more children will have access to the specialized care they require, fostering a brighter and healthier future for the next generation.

Looking Ahead:

As Ryther celebrates this significant achievement, there is still a long road ahead. Next Ryther will begin construction on the buildings and submit policies and procedures for approval. Additionally, Ryther has started to recruit exceptional staff who are committed to providing holistic and compassionate support to those who need it most.

In Conclusion:

The approval of building plans for Ryther's three new residential treatment programs is a cause for celebration, not only for the organization but for the entire community. It signifies a significant step forward in addressing the pressing mental health needs of children in Washington. Ryther's unwavering dedication, coupled with community support, ensures that the cottages will stand as symbols of hope and healing for years to come. The journey has been long, but the impact promises to be profound. Congratulations, Ryther, on this remarkable achievement!

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