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Community Advisory Board Has First Meeting

Ryther is committed to offering programs that are informed by individuals’ lived experiences and our community’s voice. As we strive to provide equitable, trauma-informed, evidence-based care, we want to ensure accountability within our programs and evaluation. When Dr. Skye Camphouse, Ryther's Director of Inpatient Services, and Karen Brady, Executive Director, began planning the opening of Ryther’s three new residential treatment programs, they saw the perfect opportunity to involve the community’s voice in program design. With the help of two practicum students from UW's Community Oriented Public Health (COPHP) program, a plan for creating Ryther's first Community Advisory Board (CAB) got underway. The CAB will provide feedback on the policies and procedures of the three residential treatment programs, as well as help inform the evaluation process of these new programs. When creating this board, we sought out a representative group of professionals, community members, those with relevant lived experiences, and members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. On August 4th, 2021 the CAB members met for their first of 12 planned meetings. Members of the CAB have the freedom to decide on the topics they wish to focus on. Their goals include informing Ryther how to support new residential treatment program staff, clients, and families, as well as models of care that are focused on equity and social justice. Ryther is grateful to these 12 CAB members for their assistance. They meet once monthly and are compensated for their time and labor for each working session. The CAB members are eager and excited to make effective change within the new residential treatment programs.


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