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Nikolas’s story

“Children at Ryther succeed not when they reach the top, but when they decide to keep moving up.”

–Joleen, Ryther Experiential Therapist

“It was so scary. I had trouble reaching and I kept telling myself I could do it. It made me feel proud.” –“Nickolas” age 10

Children often have a hard time putting their feelings into words. Experiential Therapy offers a way to work through challenges and make connections without words.  On the wall, children have to cope with not getting their desired result right away. If a child does not reach a goal, they still learn to identify frustrations and deal with not succeeding the first time around.

The ability to identify emotions, react appropriately, and keep trying is some of the skills the climbing wall can teach children for use in every aspect of their lives. Emotion regulation is important as is being aware of one’s body and feelings. Nicolas’ long term goal is to be successful in a family. He needs to be able to handle his frustrations and Experiential Therapy gives him a way of seeing that this goal is a really big goal. It shows him that he can overcome setbacks and persevere.”

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