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Ryther Celebrates Sidewalk Victory

On January 27, Ryther celebrated our first advocacy win of the year with an accessible sidewalk from Lake City Way to Ryther’s campus on NE 95th Street!

This effort initiated by Charlie Howe, an Aspiring Youth Program alumnus, achieved a funding victory of $525,000 by partnering with Seattle City President Debora Juarez, Disability Rights of Washington, and other stakeholders to make this accessible sidewalk a possibility.

Since the summer of 2021, Charlie had been advocating for better sidewalk access to benefit many of Ryther’s clients and staff, including those with sensory needs, anxiety, or mobility impairments who rely on public transportation. Charlie, who is visually impaired, rides the bus to Ryther from Capitol Hill, but is unable to make his way without assistance to Ryther since there is no continuous path to get him there. With this win, having a safe walking access to and from campus will not only benefit Ryther’s staff and clients, but the surrounding neighborhood as well.

Thank you to everyone who supported Charlie’s efforts in making access to our campus safe. At Ryther we strive to advocate for our community and for those who need it most. We are grateful for your support!

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