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Ryther’s Aspiring Youth Program: Happy 10th Anniversary!

Over the past ten years, Ryther’s Aspiring Youth Program has grown and is now the largest provider in the region for social skills groups and therapeutic summer programs for young people who are quirky, shy, have Autism or are “Autism Adjacent.” We have also provided countless hours of individual and family support. And, this year, we have expanded services geographically to Renton and Bainbridge Island.

To better serve our community, we are excited to launch “The Activity League” beginning this fall. We will offer our social skills group members even more ways to connect with friends and build healthy lifestyles. The fall schedule includes a Running Club and Kickball!

Yet, our most robust step to expand services in the near future will be within the Delphi Young Adults program. Several years ago, our leadership team noticed that as our students aged out of high school, there was a true lack of services for them. This is one area where the Autism and foster care populations share a similar experience. We currently provide individual coaching to help young adults with Autism (and similar traits) navigate community college, employment and independent living. But we often have young adults who do not have any social contact, with the exception of a once-per-week meeting with their coach. Through Delphi Young Adults, we will be creating social activities, employment support and even solutions for housing.

It has been a great ten years for Ryther’s Aspiring Youth Program and we are looking forward to the next ten years. To learn more visit or call 206.517.0241.


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