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The Ryther League’s First Workplace Unit!

The Ryther League is excited to welcome its first workplace unit, made possible by Fenwick & West LLP, a leading technology and life sciences law firm. Fenwick first started working with Ryther in early 2016, providing welcome bags for the children in the cottages. The firm’s involvement has quickly deepened to volunteering and sponsoring Ryther’s annual fundraising luncheon. This year, Fenwick will also participate in the upcoming summer carnival and provide holiday gifts.

They say if you don’t evolve, you will go the way of the dinosaur, and the same can be said of the Ryther League. Seventy years ago, Ryther League—a nonprofit that has been supporting Ryther since 1937—was made up mainly of college-educated, married women who stayed at home raising children. Many members have been with their unit or group for decades, experiencing all of life’s ups and downs together. A few units formed more recently are still going strong, too. A workplace unit is a novel way for the League to engage partner organizations in unique volunteerism opportunities. The arrangement is ideal as meetings can easily be held at the office or at a fun spot after work. Working together on an ongoing basis fosters camaraderie, cross-function pollination and allows employees to give back within their already hectic schedule while at work.

“So many members are aging and are less active and folks are so busy these days, so we need to get creative,” said long-time League member Sharon Setzler.

“Fenwick believes in supporting communities where its employees work and live,” said Fenwick’s Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Pro Bono Counsel, Hilarie Atkisson. “We are involved with Ryther on many levels and the League will allow us to deepen our commitment while also helping us to strengthen relationships internally. We’re now part of something even bigger and can impact children’s lives even more.”

This Unit will provide a model for other corporate units to come. If you are interested, please contact League Liaison Robin Bennett at


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