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Theory of Change Rolled Out

As a part of our agency’s commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to providing our clients with the best possible treatment, Ryther has developed and implemented a Theory of Change, which will serve as a guide for everything we do.

Ryther’s Theory of Change is built upon six key blocks, all of which help us to be clear about who we serve and what we do. These six blocks, pictured in the house model (left), are Social Justice and Equity, Trauma-Informed, Comprehensive Assessment, Evidence-Based/Research Informed, Multi-Disciplinary, and Cross-System Collaboration. If we are successful in incorporating these six elements into every decision, we should see the three outcomes on the roof of the model: Competency, Community, and Connection. In other words, we are working to ensure that every decision we make leads to our clients feeling successful in at least one major life area, having a community to which they feel they belong, and having a secure, safe, and nurturing connection to at least one person in their life.

Ryther’s Theory of Change will serve as our road map to the future; every decision can be looked at through this lens. It can be used for large agency decisions as well as smaller decisions that staff make every day. This will allow us as an agency to ensure we are acting in a way that is consistent with our new mission and vision statements.


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