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Psychological Assessment

*Not taking new clients at this time.

Children and adolescents who are struggling in school, with their emotions, and/or in their interactions with others may benefit from psychological testing. Psychological assessments allow us to better understand how the child thinks and understands things, the strengths and challenges of their brain, and their ability to understand the world around them. From this information, we can provide a better understanding of what might be happening with them and tailor individualized recommendations for school, home, and treatment.

Our process includes an initial meeting with a Psychologist to gather information about their development and understand the youth’s current experience. Once developmental information has been gathered, a recommendation will be made regarding the benefits of psychological assessment. If it is beneficial to complete a psychological assessment, the youth will be scheduled for a day of testing. The assessment process often includes caregivers and teachers completing measures as well to better understand the youth across environments. When the report is completed, a feedback session will be scheduled to review the results of the assessment and provide recommendations.

Ryther can complete a range of psychological assessments including:

  • ADHD

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Learning Disability

  • Cognitive Functioning

  • Executive Functioning

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Behavior and Mood Disorders

  • Trauma

  • Developmental Delays

If you have a child or adolescent between the ages of 6-16 that may benefit from psychological testing,  sign up and we will connect you with our Psychologist, Dr. Skye Camphouse.

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