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Sabrina Friend

Appointed to Ryther's Board of Trustees in June 2006

Sabrina Friend has been volunteering with Ryther since 1987. A tireless volunteer, she has been awarded the Washington State PTSA’s highest award, The Golden Acorn and Ryther’s Ollie Award. She is now retired from her various careers as a computer scientist, college instructor, professional organizer, and most importantly, a mom to two daughters.

Ms. Friend is an active member of the Moonlighting unit. She graduated from the State University of New York, College at Purchase with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. 

We are reminded that with love and guidance all children can grow to flourish as adults. When a child lacks parents who can cope, as a society we need to step in and act as surrogates to help all children. In a community of love, such as Ryther, children can learn to trust adults, sometimes for the very first time, and ultimately to trust themselves and to be trustworthy. As we nurture and teach our children to thrive in the world, we are grateful that all children have this chance regardless of their start.

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