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Join Ryther in Making a Difference!

Dive into our array of exciting volunteer projects and find your perfect match. Whether you're interested in gardening, helping us organize community events, or lending a hand to Ryther staff, there's a role to suit your passion and skills. By selecting a volunteer project that resonates with you or your group, you can make a meaningful difference and experience the profound joy of helping others. Together, let's empower our community and create positive change. View our volunteer projects below and sign up today to be a part of something extraordinary!

Facility Cleanup (Seasonal):

  • Van Washing 

  • Raking Leaves 

  • Gardening (Weeding) 

  • Tools Provided: Gloves, trash bags, grabbers, and gardening tools

Organizing In-Kind Donations:

  • Sort and organize donations or materials

  • Tools Provided: Sorting bins and labels

Event Facilitation:

Ryther offers specialized event facilitation services designed to assist corporate partners in planning and executing successful fundraising events. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to create impactful and memorable events that not only raise essential funds for Ryther but also strengthen the bond between our organization and the corporate community. 


Event Options: 

  • Charity Galas and Dinners 

  • Sponsored Walks/Runs 

  • Auction Events 

  • Corporate Challenges and Competitions 

  • Virtual Fundraising Campaigns 


Our Role: 

  • Develop a unique event concept that aligns with both our mission and your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives. 

  • Assist in handling all aspects of event planning, including venue selection, logistics, marketing, and day-of-event management. 

  • Provide guidance on effective fundraising strategies, including online campaigns, sponsorships, and donor engagement tactics. 

  • Mobilize volunteers from both our organization and your company to support the event. 

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of the event's success, including funds raised, participant feedback, and areas for future improvement. 


Adopt a Garden Bed 


Our Adopt-a-Garden-Bed program invites community members, local businesses, and organizations to take part in the beautification and stewardship of our facility's green spaces. By adopting a garden bed, participants contribute not only to the aesthetic appeal of our surroundings but also to our commitment to environmental sustainability and educational outreach. 


Program Details:

  • Preparation and Planting: Participants can prepare their garden bed and plant flowers, shrubs, or even a vegetable garden, depending on the agreed-upon plan with our facility. 

  • Maintenance and Care: Adopters are encouraged to visit their garden bed regularly to weed, prune, and enjoy their gardening project. 

  • Seasonal Updates: Participants can update their garden bed with seasonal plants or decorations, following guidelines provided by our facility to ensure consistency and health of the green space. 


Commitment :

  • Duration: Garden bed adoptions are available annually, with the option to renew. 

  • Financial Contribution: A donation to our organization is required to adopt a garden bed. This contribution supports the maintenance of green spaces and our broader environmental and educational missions. 

  • Volunteer Hours: Participants are encouraged to commit a minimum number of hours per month to the care of their garden bed. 


Sensory Station 


Balance Fit Stations


The Balance Fit Stations initiative is an innovative project designed to enhance our existing health and wellness programs. This project aims to introduce specialized balance stations that serve as a dynamic alternative to traditional static exercise equipment, like planks. The stations are meticulously designed to improve body movement and vestibular health, particularly for children who are developing their motor skills and body awareness. 

We are seeking individuals with: 

  • Proficient woodworking skills and experience in construction or carpentry. 

  • The ability to perform tasks such as measuring, cutting, and safely replacing worn planks with precision and care. 

  • A commitment to maintaining the safety and integrity of the balance stations to ensure they remain a reliable resource for children's movement and vestibular health exercises. 


Funding and Resources:

To realize the Balance Fit Stations initiative, we are actively seeking donations and funding from individuals, local businesses, and community organizations. These funds will be allocated for: 

  • The purchase of high-quality, durable balance equipment suitable for frequent use by children. 

  • Training materials for volunteers to effectively guide and supervise activities. 

  • Any necessary modifications to our facility to accommodate the new equipment safely. 


How to Support:

Support for the Balance Fit Stations initiative can take many forms, from monetary donations to volunteering time and expertise. Contributions will be acknowledged in our facility and through various communication channels, highlighting the invaluable role of our supporters in fostering a healthier community. 

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