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Youth Support Services

Youth Support Services (YSS) focuses on youth and young adults with substance use concerns. Ryther's Substance Use Disorder Professionals (SUDP) work in other agencies to help engage young people with substance use issues by connecting them with assessments and treatment in the community. Many of these youth and young are unhoused and involved with the juvenile justice system.

Ryther’s YSS program allows Ryther to bring its clinical expertise and community connections to agencies and institutions that are not able to provide their own clinical staffing.



YSS Treatment Team:


  • Primary Care Physician

  • Family Members

  • Parole Officers

  • Mental Health Team

  • Housing Case Manager

  • Peer Partner

YSS Partners:


  • Juvenile Court and JRA site supervisors

  • JPCs, Institution Staff Members

  • Community partner staff/referrals

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